REI Cartoon: Viral Real Estate Videos

bandit-webuyIn today’s tough real estate investing market it’s more important than ever to have a steady stream of motivated sellers, cash buyers, and private money lenders available to you daily and that is exactly what this new software, REI Cartoon by Ross Hamilton of Connected Investors can do for you.

If you’ve ever seen a video ad featuring one of the hand drawn wonders then you already know how captivating they can be. Well now they have also proven to be a very effective marketing tool for real estate investors and real estate agents for bringing in FREE leads on a daily basis.

The problem is creating one of these viral cartoon videos usually requires you to have to outsource this process to someone else who has the creative ability and technical skills to produce one and up until now this was pretty expensive to do.

But now with REI Cartoon you can save yourself valuable time and money and have an all-in-one marketing solution for creating viral cartoon real estate videos.

What is REI Cartoon

Watch this short video presentation by Ross Hamilton as he explains what REI Cartoon can do for your business:

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