Buy A Home

Looking To Buy A Home Without Needing The Banks Or Great Credit?

Buy A Home

We Can Help! We can customize a buying solution to fit your needs and financial situation!

How it Works

We work with Buyers who:

*Need a no-hassle, fast, friendly transaction
*Need a quick and flexible home purchase
*Need time to clear up credit issues
*Need a fair price
*Need someone who understands their situation
*Have a reasonable down payment and can make monthly payments

Our Lease Option/Rent-to-Own Program

Our Lease Option/Rent-to-Own Program allows you to get into a house NOW without qualifying for a Bank loan.  With as little as a 3%-5% down payment as an “Option-to-Buy” fee you can qualify for our program and move into a home TODAY! Your “Option-to-buy” downpayment gets credited toward the purchase when you buy your home.

While making on-time monthly payments your credit will have improved, or you will have built up enough of a down payment that you can then qualify for a traditional bank loan and buy the house during the agreed upon term.

We also assist you with a credit improvement program to help you raise your credit score which will enable you to get the best financing terms when you are ready to refinance your loan and put long-term permanent financing in place.

Our “DreamKeepers” Homebuying Program

Our DreamKeepers Homeownership Program provides you all of the benefits of homeownership NOW, without having to qualify for financing at a bank and wait for some committee to give you the green light.  Essentially we become the bank and we finance (seller finance) YOU or we get you temporary financing with one of our private lending sources!

The main benefit of this program is we can get you into a brand new construction home or one that may need renovations or repair and we will do the work to make it your dream home before you move in! This usually enables our clients to have INSTANT equity in their homes without having to pay a huge down payment!

How To Apply

Simply follow the steps below and you will be able to download a short application that will help us determine the best financing structure for you and then you will be taken to our DreamKeepers Home Buying Application. Once you complete the form one of our representatives will be in contact with you soon to discuss your options and also provide you with an even more detailed list of our available properties.


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